Urban Futures is an umbrella term encapsulating a number of events organised by Index Architecture and hosted and supported by RMIT University and Tokyo Institute of Technology. The aim is to develop innovative strategies and models for considering contemporary issues of densification, efficiency and sustainability in the urban spaces of post-industrial cities. Find out more.

Tokyoism is a collection of architectural design studios in RMIT University’s Master of Architecture programme, led by Edmund Carter and John Doyle, practitioners at Index Architecture. You can find out more about the preliminary intent of this studio, and work on this website reflects its ongoing evolution.

A two week architectural design workshop focussing on strategies for densification and reconsideration of the Golden Gai area of Tokyo was held in January 2012 for both RMIT University and Tokyo Institute of Technology students. We completed our workshop on the 20th of January. Six groups of RMIT and TIT students presented a range of innovative and exciting proposals for the consideration of future urbanism in Golden Gai. An archive of activity can be found through our blog. See the research of our students in the gallery.

Urban Futures Melbourne summer studio is being held from January 2013 at RMIT. We are gladly welcoming students from Calgary University to develop a design studio focusing on the same principles held this year in Tokyo. Focusing on typical neighborhoods in the city of Melbourne students will research urban culture  and rethink the way an increased density might re-shape these neighborhoods in a near future both physically and culturally.

Digital Urban Futures is supported partially by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the University of Calgary,  Tokyo Institute of Technology and RMIT University.